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bezymyannyy 65cb5 180208353512 грудня 2018 року на кафедрі германської філології факультету іноземної та слов’янської філології Студентська наукова лабораторія методики навчання іноземних мов і культур (керівник доцент Г. І. Подосиннікова) організувала проведення студентами Маслій Д. В. (6-го курсу) та Бохоня Т. М. (5-го курсу) заняття-тренінгу для студентів на тему «How The Grich stole Christmas: Building up sociocultural skills”.

On the 12th of December the member of the Student Foreign Language Teaching Laboratory under scientific supervision of Associate Professor H. I. Podosynnikova, the Master’s degree candidatesDaria Maslii and Tetiana Bokhonia held the movie club for 3rd and 5th year students. The event was dedicated to Christmas and was focused on both shaping students’ attitude to this holiday and improving their listening and speaking skills.

The extracts from the movie ‘How The Grinch stole Christmas’ prompted everybody to think about the importance of the holiday and what it is about. The students determined that Christmas is considered to be a special holiday and it definitely does not come from a store, it is far greater than presents or decorations; also they found that the atmosphere that is created during Christmas when families and friends gather together for sharing, loving and giving really speak volumes.

Besides, the students were introduced new vocabulary which was well-trained with the aid of effective vocabulary exercises. Thanks for the possibility to spend our time productively!

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